Explore the enchanting Domaine de l’Horizon. It’s a remarkable biodynamic vineyard in the heart of Calce, a picturesque village within the rugged Pyrénées. Founded in 2006 by Thomas Teibert and the Christ family, this vineyard is the perfect embodiment of tradition and biodynamic practices.

Moreover, nestled in the quaint village of Calce, Domaine de l’Horizon spans 16 hectares of land. It’s bathed in sunlight. In this idyllic setting, time seems to slow down. This allows our old vines to thrive, steeped in history and the surrounding terroir. These old vines, true living treasures, confer our wines a unique depth and complexity. They’re a genuine expression of the Calce terroir.

Furthermore, at the heart of Domaine de l’Horizon’s philosophy is our commitment to organic and biodynamic agriculture. This commitment makes us a leading biodynamic vineyard in Calce. Each vineyard task is meticulously planned. It’s done in accordance with the natural cycles, from the lunar calendar to our carefully developed biodynamic preparations. This holistic approach fosters grapes of exceptional quality, truly showcasing our biodynamic commitment.


Winegrowing and winemaking are a form of art at Domaine de l’Horizon. Guided by his passion and know-how, Thomas Teibert has consistently created wines that exemplify his unwavering commitment to excellence, making us a renowned biodynamic vineyard in Calce. Each cuvée is carefully vinified, respecting its unique identity and revealing captivating aromatic profiles.

Recently, a beautiful story of continuity unfolded between Thomas Teibert, the visionary founder, and Emmanuelle Maltas, a dedicated young oenologist engineer. Since 2020 and for three intense years, Emmanuelle had the privilege of learning alongside Thomas, infusing his precious biodynamic know-how and deep understanding of people, life, and wine into her own expertise.

During this period, and with the precious support of Doris and Joachim Christ, Emmanuelle has embraced the soul that have animated the estate since its beginnings. She proudly took up the challenge with deep respect for the work accomplished by Thomas, maintaining our status as a leading biodynamic vineyard in Calce. Moreover, while contributing her own vision and creativity, she is committed to preserving the integrity and quality of the wines that have made the estate’s reputation worldwide.


Domaine de l’Horizon continues to flourish, driven by Emmanuelle’s passion, Joachim’s thoughtful presence, and Thomas’ legacy. Wine lovers can rejoice in this transmission of biodynamic knowledge and passion, which guarantees the continuity of a unique viticultural experience in Calce, where each glass tells the story of a terroir, a vision, and a shared passion.

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