At Domaine de l’Horizon, nestled in the heart of Calce, our organic and biodynamic vineyard is a true expression of our unwavering commitment to quality and respect for nature.

Furthermore, our vineyard covers 16 hectares, encompassing 12 hectares in Calce and an additional 4 hectares in Montner.

Situated between the Mediterranean Sea and the majestic Pyrenees, our vines benefit from the gentle caresses of sea breezes. Moreover, they mingle harmoniously with the vigorous energy of the mountains.

This harmonious interaction between the vines and the natural elements takes place on different soil types, including limestone, schist, and marl. This geological spectrum imparts to each vineyard plot a unique identity, which is distinctly reflected in the wines that bear the imprint of each Calce biodynamic terroir.


In keeping with our steadfast commitment to nature, we cultivate our vineyard according to the principles of organic and biodynamic agriculture. In maintaining this delicate balance, we meticulously preserve the vitality of the soil and nurture biodiversity.

Native grape varieties, such as Macabeu, Grenache gris, Muscat, Carignan, Grenache noir, and Syrah, are carefully cultivated. Our dedicated team, animated by a genuine respect for all living beings, is diligently nurturing these precious vineyard plots.

Here, many old vines reveal their wisdom and character. We place a strong emphasis on meticulous manual work, utilizing traditional lifting equipment. Mechanical intervention is kept to the strictest necessity. This approach ensures the preservation of the integrity of the soil and vegetation.

Every gesture in the vineyard is thoughtfully guided by our commitment to preserving the beauty and health of our environment.

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